Compere Part Deux…

As promised in the Comperes Pt. 1, here is how the rest of the evening went…

We all welcomed the sun setting on that sweltering day in June, and not only for a little reprieve from the heat, but the sun setting meant one more thing…PARTY TIME!! That’s right, as the sun went down that day, friends and family gathered to surprise the guest of honor at the Oaks in Centreville, for what proved to be quite the celebration!

DSC_5899The conservatory made the perfect setting for the celebration!storyboard007storyboard008

DSC_5375 DSC_5434 storyboard009storyboard010 The surprise was a SUCCESS…storyboard006And the food was DELICIOUS!!storyboard005storyboard011DSC_5480storyboard012 storyboard013storyboard014storyboard015storyboard016DSC_5875DSC_5744


storyboard017 storyboard019

The night was perfectly filled with great friends,and family; good food, and great music to dance to, and of course a beautiful birthday cake for the birthday girl! So many thanks to the Comperes for asking me to be apart of the wonderful celebration! Hope you’ve enjoyed!