Heather+Nate’s Sloss Furnace Engagement Session

This is my absolute favorite time of year! The weather is perfect, the leaves are turning, and I am so busy that I’m finding it hard to distinguish which way is up! I think I have a grasp on it, but if you run into me in the next few weeks and I’m talking in incomplete sentences and have my laptop’s keyboard imprinted on my forehead, just know I REALLY love what I do!

I am beyond excited to FINALLY be sharing Heather and Nate’s urban engagement session with you! Heather is the program director at my favorite Birmingham landmark, Sloss Furnace, so it was only fitting that we started there. It was a perfectly overcast day, which makes for some seriously stunning light, and with Heather’s insider knowledge we were able to get this shoot in just before the “weener’s”, that’s Halloweeners, as dubbed by the Sloss crew, took over the furnace and transformed it into one of Birmingham’s creepiest haunted houses!

I was so thankful that Janice, Heather’s wonderful mother, attended the shoot. She is probably the sweetest lady I know, and proved to be the best assistant, and comedic relief a girl could ask for! I had so much fun with this stunning couple, and can’t wait for the wedding in May!

Hope you enjoy!


storyboard017 storyboard018 storyboard019DSC_1820

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