Jeremy and Anna

Anna and Jeremy were married 11.11.11 in the small town of Montevallo.  The University of Montevallo is my Alma Mater and I can’t help but feel partial to this particular wedding. I worked with both Anna and Jeremy throughout college, and knew one day these two would tie the knot, they are undoubtedly meant for one another.  I’m so happy they chose me to be a part of it! Not only because of the love I have for these two wonderful people, but also for the simple fact that the reception, as well as the bride’s room, was located at my all time favorite house in Montevallo.  During my time there it was just a big gorgeous house that looked like it needed  more than a little TLC.  Low and behold someone bought it, fixed it up and turned it into the most beautiful B&B, the Fox and Pheasant Inn. Jeremy and Anna were right on in choosing this awesome spot to celebrate the beginning of their lives together.  I am so happy to finally be sharing their awesome day with you…ENJOY!!

Haha!  I love this Anna!!

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