I love Saturdays at Sloss!!

I especially love Saturdays at Sloss spent with an adorable two year olds 🙂 Ada had such a wonderful spirit about her, and a pair of stunning blue eyes.  I loved just following her around as she discovered the awesome place that is Sloss Furnace.  Hope you Enjoy!

Ada loved all the rocks Sloss had to offer her, can you tell?

This one makes me smile everytime I look at it!Isn’t she STUNNING?!?I had such a wonderful time with Ada and Grandpa!! Thanks, to Nicole Hardee for the wonderful referral!  

Bennett & Macey

This past week I had the honor of a session with Nashville’s great photographer, Jessi Walton‘s  little fella and his big sister. These two were just about as sweet as the come, full of personality, and such love for one another, I had such a blast with them, and caught some sweet pics in the process…Enjoy!

This session was supposed to be all about Mr. Bennett, but I couldn’t resist snapping a few of his beautiful big sister…