The perks of out of town weddings…

…Getting to play the next day!!!

The morning after Marcus and Amber’s wedding I woke up around 5. I wanted to explore the island more, and make a pit stop in Savannah, before I began the 400+, 7.5 hr drive home.  I loved all the big, beautiful,moss covered trees, and there was a great fog hanging in the air, so I headed out extra early to capture it.  After leaving South Carolina, I headed for Savannah.  I was so excited to finally get to visit this city I had been hearing so many wonderful things about. Unfortunately after a long and stressful day before, and a night of only a few hours sleep, I was worn out;  I hit up River st, and the neighborhood around it, and was ready to begin my long journey home.  I can’t wait to return and take full advantage of all Savannah has to offer, until then here are some of the sights…ENJOY!

these little guys were EVERYWHERE! Here is why…

Lots of food lying around, the “Beach”  was primarily made up of oyster shells, so many oyster shells…

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