Meet my fabulous friend Wes.  I met Wes my freshman year of college and he instantly had a special place in my heart, and after nearly 7 years of friendship no matter how infrequent our visits become, and how busy our lives get…we always pick up like we had never left off.  We had so much fun roaming the ever popular Morris ave, and catching up, our friend Melinda (be sure and check out her and her husband’s session) even signed up to be my assistant for the day, what a wonderful day it was!!  If you can’t tell from the photo’s Wes just radiates sunshine, and so did Mother Nature this Saturday, the light was incredible, check it out…Enjoy!!

3 thoughts on “Wesley

  1. Lindsey-you did it again! Wes looks absolutely fantastic as he usually does! You have magic within your camera because your pictures are ALWAYS breathtaking! I loved being your assistant even though you could do it without anyone’s help. You have magic within yourself because you put people at ease when you photograph them which makes the pictures that much better! I love that you can take all different types of pictures whether it be weddings, children, couples, individuals, landscape, etc and make them unique in your own way! You picked the right profession, you belong behind a camera and I can’t wait to see more of your photography over the years to come! Anyone would be lucky to have you take their pictures because you make everyone beautiful!

  2. I LOVE YOU more than words can explain. I have had the most wonderful things said about my photos and give you all the praise. I hope that you have been staying warm is this horrible weather. I can not wait to see you again and next time we can just hang out and it doesnt have to be all about me… LMAO who am I kidding we all know it always has to be about me! Love you hunny

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