Mother Nature’s VIP lounge

This past weekend, a great group of friends and I set out to explore the Bankhead National Forest, more specifically the Sipsey Wilderness, and let me tell you if Mother Nature had  VIP section, this would be it (at least in Alabama).  This was my first time out there, and I was blown away by all the breathtaking sites it had to offer. We hiked in on Thompson creek, the trail is 3.7 miles long, however we took a small detour putting us a little over a 5 mile hike in, but it landed us at one great campsite right on the river.  It was a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to get back out and explore all the other trails and sites this gorgeous place has to offer. Click here to read more about this incredible place, and the hiking/camping opportunities it offers!  Here are some shots from our trek…Enjoy!


Meet my fabulous friend Wes.  I met Wes my freshman year of college and he instantly had a special place in my heart, and after nearly 7 years of friendship no matter how infrequent our visits become, and how busy our lives get…we always pick up like we had never left off.  We had so much fun roaming the ever popular Morris ave, and catching up, our friend Melinda (be sure and check out her and her husband’s session) even signed up to be my assistant for the day, what a wonderful day it was!!  If you can’t tell from the photo’s Wes just radiates sunshine, and so did Mother Nature this Saturday, the light was incredible, check it out…Enjoy!!