Three little monkeys

I love the holidays! This time of year is always filled with great smells, crisp weather, and quality time with family… So when your kids come into town and bring the grand-babies you can’t miss the opportunity to capture them!  In this case they weren’t so much babies as they were monkeys, full of personality and fun expressions, my hat was even commandeered half way through the session…ENJOY!


Barnyard Bliss

I am so thankful for all the love and support that have been shown to me in the past couple months.  With every session, I am ignited and reminded how fortunate I am to be a photographer, and to be able to do what I love each and every day!  Sessions like this one with the Snuggs family!  A beautiful family at a beautiful location makes for an excellent session…Enjoy

Happy Thanksgiving !!

A Sloss kind of Saturday

There is nothing I love more, than hanging out on a gorgeous day at Sloss Furnace, add in an adorable couple, both bursting with personality, and my morning is complete!!  We had so much fun roaming the furnace while capturing some incredible shots of Brooke and Mitch.  Be sure to check out the entire session on Facebook.  Here are a few of my favorites…Okay, Okay, here are a BUNCH of my favorites, it was so hard to Choose!  Hope you enjoy!

Keeping up with the Jones’

It’s always a great start to my day when I get to spend it with the sweetest family you will ever meet.  It’s hard to believe that it has almost been a year since we welcomed their beautiful daughter to this world! Just look how she has grown… Enjoy!

Thanks to the Jones family for letting me capture your beautiful family!!

To Utah and back

The mission was to move my wonderful friend Melinda to Utah, to join her husband Neal, in living the life of a pipeliner, never knowing where the next job will take them. So she loaded her honda with her worldly possessions, to include Maverick her miniature doberman pincher, and picked me up at 5:45 the morning of November 3rd.  We planned the trip around cities were we had family to stay with, and our first destination was Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  We would be following a tight schedule as I had to be back on Saturday the 6th to prepare for two sessions, on that following Radiant Sunday (Don’t forget to check out both those sessions on Facebook).

The morning began dreary, and rainy. We arrived in Nashville to more of the grey morning.

but it always feels good to pass through this city, I spent a chunk of my childhood living here…On to Kentucky, where I was born, and the weather was no different.
Shortly after crossing the state line, we began seeing signs for Elizabethtown, and I couldn’t help but think of that awful movie that was made about this place, the one thing that I really remember about that flick was Kirsten Dunst, saying “Click”  repeatedly throughout the film while squeezing the shutter of the imaginary camera in her hands.  I couldn’t resist grabbing a shot of the sign.  I think Cameron Crowe should stick to films more like Almost Famous.We pressed on, and crossed several bridges, into Illinois, where we caught our first glimpse of sunlight for the day…

…And that was about all we saw,  we changed drivers, and before we knew we were crossing a bridge into Missouri, the state line fell in the river, sorry no pics of the Missouri sign, but just on the other side of the river we stopped to stretch our legs and let little Maverick out for a walk at the St. Lois Riverfront.  The St. Lois Arch also sits on the riverfront, something I had never seen before, we didn’t have time to go up inside, but we admired the enormous structure from the ground.

We stopped one more time before we reached Lee’s Summit and Melinda’s sister Liz where we would refuel for day 2.  At the gas station we stopped at there was a tree with orange berries, unlike any tree I had seen, take a look.

Day 2, and our destination was Denver,  but first we had to cross Kansas, all 420.9 Miles of Kansas, have you ever driven through this state?  If yes, then you will know the monotonous landscape that we traversed this day. The only thing that broke our horizon were random patches of windmills. Known as the sunflower state, Kansas did not disappoint.  I didn’t expect to see any as they peek earlier in the year, but I found a few hanging on in the wind at a rest area we stopped at.Here are the windmills I mentioned. Don’t you think AT&T should use the top right image in a commercial?  After almost 8 hours in Kansas, we welcomed colorful Colorado!Colorful it was.  The sun started to set just as the Rockies came into frame.  This was my leg of the trip to drive, and I had to pull the car over just so I could get a shot of this magnificent setting.  My mom is from Denver and most of her family still lives in the area, so I knew I would be in great company for the evening.  Little did I know that my Aunt and Uncle had pulled together a wonderful dinner, and had everyone at their house awaiting my arrival, even my sweet 96 year old Grandmother made it.  This made my night, I just wish it could have been a longer visit, alas we had another 620+ miles to cover the next day and our end destination of Grantsville, Utah (just outside of Salt Lake). We would be taking a route that would involve the least amount of mountain driving ( also be time saving) this was a great decision considering Melinda and I are not experience snow/mtn. drivers.  We would start the morning in Wyoming.Wyoming was windy, and weird, we never noticed any neighborhoods, only chemical plants and trailers. It gave a whole new meaning to the middle of nowhere… Kentucky is his birthplace, Illinois claims to be the land of Lincoln, and yet we found him roadside in Wyoming! You can read more here, as to what Lincoln’s head is doing peering over I-80.

Finally we made it to Utah, again this was my leg of the trek to drive, and the pictures were few and far between, but Utah is BEA-UTAH-FUL!!!A gorgeous sunset welcomed us to our final destination, and I flew out early the next morning, all the way back across the country to the good ol’ salt Ham!  What a whirlwind of a trip, sites were seen, and memories were made. All the best wishes to Melinda and Neal, as they start their adventure together in Utah!!  Hope you enjoyed the trip! Continue reading

Radiant Sunday Part Deaux…

What’s better than playing with my favorite three little fellas, on a beautiful Sunday morning??…When they bring one of their favorite friends to play with us!!!! I had the pleasure of meeting this handsome little boy, and his delightful father(who happens to be the editor for the fabulous new magazine that I have been working with in Trussville, The Bridge, go check it out!).  I had such a great time with these two!  Let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Radiant Sunday

After spending four days traveling from one side of the country to the other, (I promise those pics are coming soon!) I made it home just in time to spend Sunday morning with my favorite three little fellas, and their wonderful mommy.  The weather was perfect, the kids were in great moods, very cooperative (They put up with me for almost 2 hours!!), and the light was radiant.  We had so much fun romping in the leaves, and exploring this gorgeous park! Hope you enjoy! You can check out this entire session on Facebook.

Dismals Canyon

Fall, my favorite time of year! The time of year when you can enjoy being outside, and take advantage of all the beautiful sites Alabama has to offer. The time of year to get out and go camping, which is exactly what I did early October. With a great group of friends, we set out to north Alabama, to explore the depths of Dismals Canyon.  The canyon promised a luminescent light show once the sun went down, however the creek by our campsite provided a more spectacular view than the guided tour did, but we were promised that you can literally see thousands in the spring months.  For more information and to plan a camping, canyon adventure for yourself check out their website. A return trip is a definite, this place was so beautiful. Check out some of the cool pics I got. Enjoy!

Thomas and His Train

Friday morning I had the pleasure of meeting adorable three year old Thomas and his sweet family out at Sloss Furnace. Thomas’ great great Grandfather was a former operator of the SLSF 4018 a  locomotive created during WW1, now retired at Sloss. You can read more about the 4018 here on Wikipedia or join their facebook page.  The first crisp morning of fall, we shivered through a fabulous session full of nostalgia and fun family memories, we even had permission to do a little climbing around! Hope you enjoy!